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AIHE: M: Alpina B7 turbo kat 1 osia + M535i projektiauto

M: Alpina B7 turbo kat 1 osia + M535i projektiauto 11.09.2015 12:49 #2158

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I have following parts for sale:

A complete Alpina B7 Turbo 1 engine with ancillaries + flywheel + clutch + ECU basically a straight forward swap to a E28 or any other BMW.

Comes with everything that belongs to this engine..

Engine loom
Airbox and Airflow meter
Alpina ECU
Alpina complete inter-cooler system by alpina
Alpina oil cooling system by alpina
Alpina boost knob and pipes - to regulate pressure
Alpina exhaust manifold
Alpina KKK27 turbo
Alpina wastegate
Alpina Heatshields.
Alpina Downpipe .
Flywheel + clutch



Laderdruck MBC - Works perfectly needs some cleaning and repairing


Oil cooler + pipes

Alpina heat shields


Intercooler pipes

Alpina B7 Gearbox that has different ratios then regualr M535i. (long 1st, 3rd, 5th gear, short 2nd and 4th gear).

All together 6500 EUR

Or can be bought with freshli built M535i that is had this engine installed before. body comes with Alpina B12 wheels, front lip, speedo, gearknob and freshily renovated seats in Nappa leather.

www.nettivaraosa.com/kunnostettavat-ajoneuvot/2118277 9999 eur for BMW Club member in Finland

My intention to was built to look like this car:

Happy to answer any questions..

More pics can be found here:

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